Open Daily!
Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Our outdoor seating area is NOT dog friendly!

Front of the House

The ultimate Team! Let us introduce them now, before you arrive so you will know them when you meet.

(Left to right) There is Nichole – (She can be tough) watch her! And Christine – Growls a little in the morning, then she’s on the move – nothing stops this one! Jillian – Smile Jillian (she’s awesome!) And then there is Kayla – Someone wrote a song about her. Amy – She sits in the center chair… because she can, she’s going to be a star one day. Zack – He has a really tough job… working with this team. He does it so well! Melissa – She’s making things happen, mover and shaker she is, she doesn’t quit until the task is done. And Nancy – Our caffeine fueled waitress.. tearing up and down the stairs.. always there, getting it done!