• 4.99
    Warm Apple Crisp

    Sliced apples baked with cinnamon and sugar then covered with a brown sugar and oatmeal topping, served with whipped cream

  • 6.99
    Lobster Cove Parfait

    Goldenrod ice cream topped with hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry

  • 4.99
    Wild Maine Blueberry Pie

    Juicy, wild Maine blueberries baked in a flaky crust served warm with whipped cream

  • 5.99
    Chocolate Mousse

    An oreo cookie crust filled with creamy chocolate mousse, served with whipped cream. Part of our rotating dessert selection.

  • 5.99
    Warm Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

    French bread baked with raisins in a sweet cinnamon custard until soft and warm, then drizzled with homemade whiskey sauce topped with whipped cream

  • 5.99
    Toll House Cookie Pie

    Rich cookie filling loaded with chocolate chips and walnuts, baked in a flaky crust drizzled with a warm fudge sauce